Cost calculations for various projects.

Cost calculations for simple painting (freshening)

You will notice that the program does automatically summations for each measurement.

  • The calculation was based on this criteria.
    • calculation method is the area.
    • area not counting the odd jobs in various situations o there may be
    • a low price mean second-named company
    • color in the middle mean price of top quality paint named company (Kraft)
    • high prices mean first-quality color named company (Vivexrom)

    Τι πρέπει να ξέρετε :

    • The reason dark colors specificity they need more hands thus further cost.
    • There will be some variation in cost (fine or low) ratio of the color tint to it which will pick you up with what we chose to make the measurements.

Cost estimates for creating a style

  • The calculation was based on this criteria.
    • try to find a good value for calculating how many square meters can cover 1m or a financial package.
    • some of the products do not vary the price spatula or not surface.

Offer! !

  • By painting a newly built building for every 100 sm, 8 sm-style is gift of your choice..
  • Style La Casa dei Sogni 10sm just for 96€.

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